Information on Yachting in Wickford

The Wickford Yacht Club is the premier way to experience and learn about the wonderful Wickford harbors.

What is the Wickford Yacht Club?

The Wickford Yacht Club was first organized in 1935. While younger than many Yacht Clubs on Narragansett Bay, it has a salty history that was documented by Alfred Dion for Commissioning Day in 1995. It was edited and expanded by Barbara Dawson in 2003, 2008, and 2013. Among the highlights, you will find:

  • Established 1935

  • Hurricane of 1938 destroyed the first clubhouse on Cornelius Island

  • Woodpussy sailors formed new Club after WWII

  • Incorporated in May 1963 with 22 families

  • Current clubhouse on Pleasant St. purchased in 1968

  • Wickford Sailing Association Incorporated in 1985

  • Wickford Regattas from 1974-1981 (re-established in 2009)

  • Superstorm Sandy ravishes the Cub in 2012

  • Club Cruises from 1971 to present

The originators of the Club stated its mission to be: "To foster the sport of yachting and to provide suitable facilities and activities for its members." As we look at our list of activities each year, we realize how well that mission is being met by the present membership.

Contact Information:

Wickford Yacht Club
165 Pleasant St
North Kingstown, RI 02852
401 294-9010